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Apache Status Text Module

What is it?

This is a full text fork of mod_status for only machine automatique parsing.

This is Status Module. They display lots of internal data about how Apache is performing and the state of all children processes.

How to build ?

# unzip <module archive>.zip
# cd <module directory>
# ./configure --with-apxs=/path/to/apxs
# make
# make install

How to use it ?

Load mod_status_text and to enable it, add the following lines into any config file:

   LoadModule status_text_module modules/
   <Location /server-status-text>
   SetHandler server-status-text

You may want to protect this location by password or domain so no one else can look at it. Then you can access the statistics with a URL like:


They returns full text server status


They return the value of the “statistics_key” only.

Also count number of requetes per seconds, 95% percentil and per type of response (5xx,4xx,3xx,2xx,1xx, etc…).